Unchain Our Children - a Conference on Child Protection

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Organized by Tutela
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If you want to protect your child or the children in your community from further harm, give them a voice and ensure a safe environment where they can develop in healthy adults in society, this conference is for you!
Come and be empowered and inspired. Learn how you can make a difference in the life of a child! This conference is for every parent, teacher, social service professional, religious workers, youth leaders, psychologists and community members who see it as our responsibility to make the world a safer space for our children.

CPD point application submitted for social professionals and VBO point application submitted.

1. Hilda O’Callaghan from Australia: Child Abuse and Protective Behaviors
Hilda is a Master Trainer of Protective Behaviours and PBSA Board Member. Her qualifications include: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology; Honours Degree in Criminology; Masters Degree in Training and Development; Marriage and Relationship Educator; Dispute Resolution Mediator; Author of two Child Protection Manuals

2. Amy Arnold - Trafficking and Cyber safety:
She works 14 years in Law enforcement in the US. Her experience includes: Trainer for Police Academy; Domestic Violence Detective; Patrol Sergeant; Instructed a Train the Trainer program in Malawi for Police Officers; Specialized anti trafficking's operative for Unchain Our Children; Participate on task teams with government to fight trafficking.

3. Linda Sterkenburg - Suicidal behavior amongst children:
She is Psychologist working 7 years with children and adolescents. She specializes in suicidal behavior amongst children.

4. Trienie Drotschie: Our legal responsibility in protecting Children:
She has a BA(Social Worker) degree working 22 years in protecting children and empowering families.HoiR6MT.jpeg Program
Time Topic Content Guest Speaker
08:00 Registration - Tutela Team
09:00 Opening and Welcoming
09:15 Child Abuse
  • What is child abuse?
  • The prevalence of violence against children (incl stats)
  • The true stories
  • Hilda O’Callaghan: Protective Behaviours
09:35 Grooming
  • The factors contributing to Child Sexual Abuse – research findings.
  • The truths and Myths of Sexual Abuse.
  • The Grooming behaviours (Video, Sandusky or Larry Nassar)
  • Hilda O’Callaghan: Protective Behaviours
10:15 Marketing Session
10:30 Tea Break
11:00 Trafficking
  • Trafficking in South African context
  • Statistics
  • True stories
  • How to safeguard your child from trafficking
  • Amy Arnold: Unchain our children
11:45 Cyber security
  • What you didn’t know about your child and their phones
  • How easy can your child access pornography
  • WhatsApp language a parent would have never known.
  • How to protect your child from cyber influences
  • Amy Arnold: Unchain our children
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Suicide and children
  • Suicide tendencies under children
  • Context in SA: Age of 1st attempt
  • Reasons for child suicides
  • Is there signs to warn you?
  • Getting help
  • Linda Sterkenburg: psychologist
14:15 Trauma & the Legal side
  • Impact of abuse on the child’s brain and development
  • Flight fight freeze responses
  • Long term impact of trauma: psychological disorders
  • Legal: responsibility to report abuse, where and when
  • Trienie Drotschie: Child Protection
15:00 Protective behaviors
  • PB is what we CAN DO to safeguard children
  • The PB principles – the Two Themes
  • How we approach (and teach) the concept of feeling safe (early warning signs) – no scary tactics ever used with children.
  • Secrets (safe and unsafe)
  • Body awareness and ownership (cover correct terminology and Consent)
  • Safety Networks
  • Hilda O’Callaghan: Protective Behaviours
16:00 Closure - safety plan



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