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One step towards transforming South Africa, forever

As change agents, we all have the capacity to help ignite positive change, but if you’re like us, you sometimes find yourself thinking, “How much of a difference can I, as just one person, really make?”

South Africa’s social and political challenges may seem daunting and overwhelming, but - just like the starfish-thrower did in the famous Starfish Parable - it helps to remember that while you might not be able to change South Africa for the better in one fell swoop, you can at least help to change a small part of it, by teaming up with a mass movement of like-minded people who carry the same values as you.

If your vision for South Africa embraces the freedom to choose servant leaders who:

Command respect in their communities, with a proven record of serving communities with unflinching commitment and dedication to the people they represent
Take their instructions only from you, their constituents, and accountable only to you, their voters
Refuse to act as rubber stamps for, or take their marching orders from, political masters
Practise unwavering integrity in all their affairs, and view local government service as an honour and a duty, instead of as their entitlement to self-enrichment

YOU can help us make a real difference.

Be the change you want to see and register!

Why donate

With your ‘small change’, be the change you seek.

Help us replace South Africa’s dysfunctional and corrupted government and leadership with one of integrity, honesty, faith, righteousness, effectiveness, professionalism and most importantly, an unwavering passion and love for this country and it's people.

As a fresh face in South African politics, unburdened by the baggage of the past, we’re deeply committed to giving South Africa’s voiceless a platform and a voice that roars with conviction.

We’ll hear what South Africans are thinking, even when they’re not saying it. And we won’t sit in the cheap seats, but get in the arena.

We’re a Political Party for all the people of South Africa, led by South African patriots who are deeply committed to the country and its people, and dedicated to representing and protecting your interests with unrelenting drive, energy and vigour.

Guided by our founding values, we’re passionate about transparency and integrity, and matching words with deeds, and principles with actions.

We support servant leaders who put people first and work for the will and benefit of all South Africans.

To help us get to where you want SA to be, however, we can’t do this on our own, without your support.

Your generous donation will enable us to grow as a Party and become a force to be reckoned with!


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