Every year the GBR Camp hosts about 78 countries at Alpine Heath Resort in the Beautiful Drakensburg Mountains, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.

We are looking forward to the GBR Annual Camp and Retreat 2018 where we enjoy the presence of God and share in a wealth of informative related to Business, Social and Organisational mental resource to grow GBR Members and the Organisation.

Our mornings began with individuals praying from 4am to 5am privately, followed by a corporate prayer between 5am and 6am.

Prayer points focused primarily on God’s purpose for our lives as individuals, His purpose for GBR and GFFC, and on how we would impact the world as individuals, as leaders, as a nation, as a continent and as a God-ordained organisation.

We fast from 6am until 6pm, from Monday until Thursday.

Empowerment is the order of the day as the GBR and GFFJ Leaders share priceless information with the campers.

We discuss issues such as:
  • The Jewish Phenomenon
  • Why Jews Succeed everywhere?
  • What’s wrong with Africa’s thinking.
  • Family, Relationships and Marriage.
  • God’s idea of the family.

    Dinner at 6pm, courtesy of the alpine heath chef, saw the breaking of the day’s fast where we have a light meal for starters followed by a full course meal served in a combined buffet.

    This is followed by time spent praising and worshiping our creator, after which the various spiritual leaders present different subjects covering the mandate of GBR and GFFJ.
    Our spiritual leaders share god’s word and lead us into prayer wrapping up a successful day at the camp.