Holiday Club - Kids Registration

Holiday Club is a FUN kids program aimed to reach the children of our city and serve parents during the holiday time!

There are half day (07:00-13:00) and full day (07:00-17:00) packages to choose from, depending on the individual parent's needs.
Half Day Packages (One Child) (07:00-13:00)
Half Day - Full Week R500.00
Half Day - Monday Only R100.00
Half Day - Tuesday Only R100.00
Half Day - Wednesday Only R100.00
Half Day - Thursday Only R100.00
Half Day - Friday Only R100.00
Full Day Packages (One Child) (07:00-17:00)
Full Day - Full Week R750.00
Full Day - Monday Only R150.00
Full Day - Tuesday Only R150.00
Full Day - Wednesday Only R150.00
Full Day - Thursday Only R150.00
Full Day - Friday Only R150.00
Half Day Packages (Familes with 2 or more children) (07:00-13:00)
Half Day - Full Week (2+) R425.00
Half Day - Monday Only (2+) R85.00
Half Day - Tuesday Only (2+) R85.00
Half Day - Wednesday Only (2+) R85.00
Half Day - Thursday Only (2+) R85.00
Half Day - Friday Only (2+) R85.00
Full Day Packages (Familes with 2 or more children) (07:00-17:00)
Full Day - Full Week (2+) R637.50
Full Day - Monday Only (2+) R127.50
Full Day - Tuesday Only (2+) R127.50
Full Day - Wednesday Only (2+) R127.50
Full Day - Thursday Only (2+) R127.50
Full Day - Friday Only (2+) R127.50

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