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RevitaHealth Women Summit

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be the best version of yourself?

With RevitaHealth, it is possible. Our passion for health, wellness and women inspire us to create an environment where women can get together and focus on becoming the best versions of themselves.

This is the third RevitaHealth Women Summit and it's all about getting practical.

We present to you;

RevitaHealth Women Summit
"The How To Edition"

Most women might agree that with winter approaching, healthy habits tend to move down on our priority lists...

The saying "Summer bodies are made in winter" couldn't be truer, but we believe that healthy bodies are nourished throughout the year.

We will be sharing 5 ways to transform into a healthier, more confident you, this winter.

The 5 How to's:

How to Contour Your Body with RevitaHealth – Dr Ledivia Strauss on Aesthetic Treatments
How to Eat Healthier – Dr Ledivia on Organic eating
How to Love your Skin – Skin Care Routine and Make-up Tutorial by Dr Rolene Strauss
How to Exercise Efficiently – Dr Rolene and Dr Ledivia’s 10 Minute HITT Workout
How to Boost Your Self-Confidence – Dr Rolene shares her Secret to Self-Confidence

Skin Care Products, Body Contouring, Detox and Lifestyle Packages, “Secrets to my Growth” Spoken Word Albums and personal coaching packages with Dr Rolene will be sold exclusively to RevitaHealth Women Summit guests on the day.
*Card facilities will be available

Let’s Transform Together.

RevitaHealth, based in the rejuvenating Cape Winelands, is a health orientated organisation with aesthetic, integrative, anti-ageing and regenerative medical services provided by Dr Ledivia Strauss.

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