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Not every rebellion gestates in darkness. As one of the best selling rock bands of the 21st century, Skillet continue to rebel against conventions, doubts, expectations, and rules with the intent to uplift in light. The two-time GRAMMY Award-nominated Pandora Billionaires Club members and multiplatinum Kenosha, WI quartet — John Cooper, Korey Cooper, Jen Ledger, and Seth Morrison — never compromise their integrity. Instead, they’ve traveled their own path to unprecedented heights with an urgent sound, undeniable energy, and unbreakable spirit. On their eleventh full-length album, Dominion (releasing January 14), Skillet encourages a different kind of revolt when the world could really use it.

“‘Refuge’ is about this tension that we have to hold on to as Christians – that I am weak, but He is strong. We can walk in victory as long as we are walking in the spirit, because victory ultimately belongs to the Lord. In our own strength we cannot walk in victory. In our own strength we cannot earn salvation. In our own strength we are absolutely helpless in this world.

However, if you fight in the strength of the Lord… He is strong, and He shows Himself strong through our weakness! Then what you have is the spirit doing the fighting for you, and when you do that you are saying, ‘God, I trust You. I trust that You are my refuge, that You are the one who is in control, and the battle belongs to You.’ So the challenge is that we must walk in the spirit because only the spirit inside of us is strong enough to fight those battles. We must not give into anxiety. We must not give into the fear. When we do that, we’ll find true peace and rest in God. I hope this song encourages you to find rest in God who is our refuge.” – John Cooper (Skillet)

Just as they’ll be releasing their new album Dominion, Skillet will embark to headline another massive Winter Jam Extravaganza tour. They’ve sold 12 million units globally and had over one billion (with a b) streams in 2020. One of their most faith-forward singles ever… Skillet is proud to present “Refuge.”