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Adoration Project
The third release from the Southern California band, Sweeteverafter, is a unique blend of musical genres including Americana, singer/songwriter, world beat, and borderline country. With thought-provoking and poignant lyrics, plus the emotive vocals of praise and worship leader Ammee Pearl, ADORATION PROJECT is one of the year's best recordings.

Preface & Chapter 1

Eat Cake. Be Brave.
I wrote this book because when I turned 41 I made a decision to be brave. To live brave -bolder and freer. You see, I thought our lives were supposed to change when we turned 40...but mine didn't. Yet every piece of it changed when I turned 41; when I set out to prove that it wasn't too late for me, that careless words wouldn't stunt me and rejection would not stop me. And maybe, just maybe, it will take you reading about the journey I took to finding my sense of self-worth in order for you to rightfully believe in yours. This book is about how all the years of my life led up to the one that changed it. So, cut a big slice and raise a forkā€¦

Eat Cake. Be Brave. Official Book Trailer - Melissa Radke from David Radke on Vimeo.